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Momma Didn't Raise No Fool

I love my students so much.  I love my students so much it hurts sometimes.  I love my students so much that I feel like I would be FAILING them as a teacher if I did not pull a few April Fool's jokes on them.  I have 7 and 8 year old's-- so I have to bit a teensy tiny bit sensitive, but they have the best humors so I plan on seeing how much I can get away with.

Here is what is rolling around in my head thus far....

*. The ol' swap your teacher routine.  Kids come in to see one of my gorgeous team teachers in my room acting as if she owns the place--- and I do the same in hers.  We'll teach each other's class for an awkward amount of time--until a break or something, switch, and then business as usual, acting as if nothing happened.  
*--- or--- I will have another one of those gorgeous teachers come in and tell them that I'm out sick either first of the day or after lunch, but didn't have enough time for a substitute, give them piles of workbooks, and tell them "we trust you to be on your own for the rest of the day," and walk out.  I'll rush in a few minutes later...

* tell students that they will have a change to win an ipad.  Put an empty ipad box up and in it have an eye pad!  

* Give them the classic following directions sheet...

* Teach a lesson with my mouth moving but no sound coming out.  Animation/emotion/arm flailing is key.

*  Continually switch their desks around throughout the day--- just a few students at a time.

*  I have my planning at the end of the day-- so when students get back they pack up and clean up the floor.  I am going to hot glue a few pencils, markers, crayons etc. to the floor under their desk and demand they clean up their mess.

*  I am going to send a few to the principals office for no reason.  I'm going to do it to my smartest and most well behaved students---who can keep a steady face--- and give them a note with an errand or something to do and tell them to come back acting like they are really upset after 5 minutes.  

*  Closed for renovations sign on the bathroom

*  We're going on a field trip at the end of the day- it's amazing and I can guarantee that it is not just a regular field trip place.  It is special, unique, and pretty awesome.  Your house!!!

*  No day in my world would be complete without a snack. Cookies for everybody--- it's just such a shame that the frosting was a little toothpaste!  

*  Analyze Rossini's "Meow" -watch the video and then write a response.  Talk to them about being a good audience and definitely not laughing like the audience in that video does.

*.  The principal comes in at the end of the day and tells me that I have been fired and that today is my last day. I get a bit dramatic--- however the spirit leads--- and then... look up... "APRIL FOOLS"

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