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Book Trailer Update!

My students have been at it again....letting me know what I need to do to do my job well.  (I love English- to do to do)

For some strange reason--- their papers I needed to edit somehow went missing when they put them on my desk.  I just can't explain it!!! :)

So to remedy this situation- we came up with the book trailer checklist.  It is the entire book trailer process on a sheet of paper that they keep up with- and helps me keep eyes on it all.  They keep everything in a folder and when it comes time that I need to edit something- they put it in a box--- in that neat folder- on my desk.  It's the little things I tell you.  You can have the greatest idea-- but if it's not organized---start writing the epitaph instead!

I simply cut the 3 ring piece of the page protector off and hot glued it to a file folder.  I moved all of the book trailer resources into a binder--so things are better to be positioned to be neat in tidy!

Now, keeping with the theme of organization we updated the way we organize completed book trailers and QR codes.  I love books--- but sadly do not have every single book those book eaters read--so the label on the back of the book only idea fails.  Again, their brilliant minds came up with a photo album.  Here we are able to again neatly keep ALL of the book trailer books in ONE place. This is all updated in the book trailer instruction pack.  The form is editable and you can copy and paste everything directly into the PDF.  WOOO!
photo album cover and label sizes for the file boxes

Second only to a long bath, nothing soothes me more than online shopping and seeing a package at my door.  #firstworldproblems.  A fellow graduate, teacher, student, friend, introduced me to Stitch Fix.  Essentially you tell this company what you like to wear, your sizes, and $20 and a personal stylist picks items out for you and ships them to your house.  You choose what items you like and mail the others back in a pre-paid postage envelope.  If you buy ANYTHING the $20 goes directly to the price of the item- if you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order.  I was a little nervous- but boy did they turn up!!!  Everything fit perfectly!!!  I loved each item and the prices are VERY reasonable.  They will ship to your house automatically depending on how much you need a fix!!!  If my mom is reading this she is shaking her head.  What she doesn't know is that she's going to get a gift card to this for her birthday!  :)

Check it out!  You won't be sorry!

Displaying 20140326_164417.jpg

If you click on this link-- this broke, but precious teacher gets $25 for her next fix!!! :)

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