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Breaking Stalin's Nose book trailer

Here is the newest book trailer we created as a class.  We read Breaking Stalin's Nose as a read aloud in a matter of 2 weeks.  The story is set over a 24 hour time period and is very suspenseful.  The writing style really gets students talking/thinking as they have to really decipher what is really happening.  With all that is happening in our world today, it really positions them to critically think for themselves.  They were in disbelief when the book ended, so much so that we now have to write a letter to Mr. Yelchin.  Writing is power.  :) 

It also played well off of reading Soldier Bear-- as they now realize why the dog's name was Stalin. 

1 comment:

  1. Your book trailers are amazing!! I just nominated you for the Liebster award. Go see my latest blog post for details. :)

    My Carolina Classroom