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Mythbusters- Brain Freeze

I am currently taking a class on Curriculum Integration.  Our professor is big on having us do the assignments that we would have our students do- which I love.  No better way to figure it out than get into the trenches yourself!  

Our task was to find a problem like they do on myth busters and make a film about it.  The video had to be linked to math, science, social students, and ELA is some way.  After brainstorming over frozen margaritas -- we were inspired  "How Do you Get Rid of A Brain Freeze?"  Mexican (and margaritas) can make for some of the best ideas!  :)

We quickly realized we were the lab rats, but took on the challenge along with a few Tylenol!  After using what methods to get rid of a brain freeze and a little searching online we came up with a plan.  We went to the local gas station, filled up our cups, drank.... and here is what we came up with.  

When using this in the classroom this is something that could be done whole/small group, or as individuals depending on the class/project. I am planning on using it in the Spring with soils and methods to keep plants a live longer-stay tuned :).  I teach 2nd grade so this would be a project we would use whole group using iMovie.  

Here are some great links/resources on how to use it: 

Happy Busting!

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  1. What a great way to integrate subjects and motivate students!

    The Math Maniac