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Domino Math

Being new to 2nd grade, I have had a hard time keeping my math centers up with all of the content and making them differentiated. Like many teachers, I teach a WIDE ability group and for every content standard I have to have multiple layers and activities.  I went to a Curriculum Integration conference @MTSU a few weekends ago and saw how a teacher used dominoes for math which inspired me!  For so long, I have spent many late evenings playing dominoes with my Granny and Grandpa in Idaho-- this is a nice change of pace. :)  

So I just took the core of what they needed to keep working on and in an evening made a bunch of work mats for them to use.  I am keeping them in a binder next to the dominoes in my math center area.  When kids finish early, they open up the binder, grab the game they want, and get at it.  I tried to make a few of the mats flexible so that I could have them do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even fractions if they wanted to.  I have sent this to some of my buddies K-5 and they have been able to easily implement them in.  

If you like it, it's only $2 at my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store. 

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