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An Island Grows--- a little mayhem

I am in my last semester of grad school (ENTER PRAISE BREAK HERE) for my literacy degree.  I am currently in a class for curriculum integration and our assignment this week was to find an instructional strategy-- demonstrate it in class and then brainstorm the ways it could be used to integrate multiple subjects.

We picked strategies from which has more strategies than pages in the Bible--- don't hold me to that estimation though, because math is not my strongest subject.  

I chose sculpture--simply because I had never done it and it looked fun.

I chose An Island Grows as my anchor text.  The story is about the birth of an island, from the first red-hot glow of magma at the bottom of the ocean, to the flowing lava that hardens and builds up higher and higher until, finally, it breaks through the water′s surface. It has beautiful language and poses as a circular story.  

After I read the text, I passed out a piece of foil to every person in the class.  I asked them, "If you were on an island, what is the one thing you would want to have."  I gave them approximately 5 minutes to form their creations.  When finished they shared them and we sorted them into what were needs/wants.  We had a wide array from chapstick to fire, boats to an iPhone, and of course no island experience is complete without wine.  

I am going to use this strategy with my students because it's interactive, they connect to it, it's not messy, it's cheap, and could be used to respond to a wide variety of texts and purposes.

Here's some ideas of how to use tin foil sculptures:
- visual open/closed sorts
- scale and proportions
- measurement (addition/subtraction/estimation)
- one word summary
- land forms
- building/structure
- art gallery with description
- response to reading (sketch to stretch but 3d)
- shapes (2 and 3 d)

The book is a great spring board for
poetry and quintuplets
one word summary
circular stories
island culture
land forms
rock formations
states of matter
geography of islands
earth core/layers

I'm sure there are more but that is all this hat rack can come up with rigt now!

Happy Sculpting!!!

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