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Contraction Hospital Word Surgery

I get bored with the show and tell of grammar right quick.  So instead of passing out a "printable" I surprised the kids and turned the classroom into a hospital.  Two words had a major accident and had to be put back together in contraction form!  This activity was a part of a bigger event called Doctor  Day! (more to come on that later)
I surprised the kids by flipping the classroom to look like a hospital.  They came in worked on their patient files (to be uploaded eventually) and took part in a white coat ceremony (white t shirt cut up the middle with a badge).  

During grammar we talked about some words that had terrible accidents--- getting run over by my naughty granny, a flock of geese popping their hot air balloon, etc. and that they had to be immediately rushed to surgery.  Some of the letters didn't make it out alive and need to be rushed into surgery.  They got their gloves and masks on, scalpel and tweezers in hand and they're off!




obviously finishing it with a snack... with cupcakes topped with brains.   

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