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Tooth Tales

Every child has a story. And a story can be found in anything.  Writing and sharing those stories has power.  While roaming around the book store I stumbled upon the book The Lost and Found Tooth.  Losing a tooth is a big deal to kids and they always have a story to share with it.

  So to merge the two I have kids write a 'Tooth Tale' whenever they lose a tooth.  I keep the book handy at the beginning of the year and then the moment a student loses it--- I make sure I read it that day.  On one of the cabinets I have a big piece of white paper.  Every time a student loses a tooth they go the back cabinet and write - their name, time, date, and setting of where they lost their tooth.  Then during literacy block or the end of the day they share their story.  We graph them throughout the year to compare the months.

There is always the one student who doesn't loose a tooth until the end of the year and stress about it until then!  Once they lose that tooth you thought they would have won the lottery.  Tooth tales are great because it is ongoing throughout the year, involves no maintenance besides adding another piece of paper, and every student gets to share their story.  Any time we can empower children and their story... I'm down for it!

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