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Arrays of Sunshine

We have been busy bees working away on repeated addition, arrays, and into multiplication.
We have been using Miss Giraffe's Arrays Arrays Arrays!
Arrays Arrays Arrays!

We got a little punny and made Arrays of Sunshine.
I had students roll dice, the first number they rolled was the rows, the second the columns.  They drew an array, wrote both repeated addition problems, and then the multiplication problems.

We watched brainpopjr. earlier in the week on arrays and repeated addition and made notes.  I had students draw and cut out a large cloud on a white sheet of paper.  From that they wrote a paragraph about arrays/multiplication on it.

Students had to do quite a bit of work and they turned out super cute!!!

You can get my outlines for the sun here!  

This weekend we were able to celebrate one of my all time favorite couples and their adoption of 3 children.  It is a true honor to be apart of their lives and see how everything has been positioned to bring home these 3 precious lambs.  Laura and Kyle are ridiculously talented, but my favorite part about them is that their home is always open and you feel so safe in their presence. Watching this process of adoption has really enforced the love Christ has for us and how he truly adopts us and makes us His own.

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