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Sticky Learning

We have been learning about shapes and geometry in our classroom.  To make it more interactive and creative I bought some of this frog sticky tape.

I paired students and as pairs they drew a the name of a polygon from a hat.  They had to create a simple polygon with that many sides.  To differentiate for learners you could have the # of angles, pictures, examples of it.  To challenge students they could get a protractor and make sure each angle within the polygon was accurate.
Students had to write the name of the polygon and how many angles it had and whether it was simple or complex, regular or irregular.  

We mixed up groups again and they drew another polygon--- this time I gave them more tape and allowed them to create irregular/complex polygons.  If I had more tape and we had more wall space I would have let them put these on the walls or in the hallway.  Again, to differentiate for higher learners they would have to measure and list each angle, find various figures within them, create figures with more than 10 angles and identify the name, create symmetrical shapes, etc. etc. etc.

After students wrapped up their creations, they got out their math journals.  They wrote what they knew about polygons, stopped and shared with with tables for about 2 minutes, and then added any new information they had learned.  I had one person from each table share what they had learned.

To connect it to ELA we spoke about looking at things from " a different angle" and how that idiom both relates to math and to their lives.  They wrote about how they connected to that phrase, shared, and then we headed out to enjoy yet another sunny and warm day of recess!

The next day we created 2d and 3d figures with toothpicks and marshmallows.  I paired students up and let them choose which polygons and solid figures they wanted to create.

After they had eaten their marshmallows, and washed their hands, they wrote about their experience and then we shared.  I find that if they write, share, and write more they consistently connect more with their learning.  As a teacher who wants to shove as many activities as I can into the day, I make myself dedicate the time to writing and talking if not those amazing activities just become another thing to do!  

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